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HairCologist TM Certification Program 

  • Become a registered HairCologist through our communication coaching program.

  • Enhance client-stylist communications with our systemized consultation techniques.

  • Empower guests in the salon chair with the tools they need to make informed decisions.

  • Improve salon staff relationships with emotionally safe strategies promoting a healthy environment for all to enjoy. 

  • Learn  how to manage difficult discussion topics


  For Stylist sign up info go to

Strategic Communcation 


Avoid misunderstandings in the salon chair 

Leadership Development


Innovate and empower thought leadership in the salon enviroment and beyond.

Communication Coaching


Train your team to speak the same language with salon clients

New Videos Launching Soon


Check back in February 2018!

Video Tutorials 
Your Hairy Godmother

Coming March 2018


New Class Formats

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